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    Stephanie Baudet

    Children's Author

  • About me ...

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    I was born in Cheshire, England, and grew up in Australia and New Zealand. For most of my life I have lived in Buckinghamshire, England.

    I have two cats: Daisy and Alfie.



    My first book to be published was called Avalanche (Hamish Hamilton).

    Since then I have had more than 80 children's books published as well as two for adults.


    I have had a number of verses published in greetings cards, calendars, diaries and educational resources.

    LIKES: Animals (most), roller coasters, steam trains, skiing, plain chocolate.

    DISLIKES: Doing housework, weeding, parsnips.

    AFRAID OF... Large insects, cassowaries, climbing ladders.

    HOBBIES: Reading, playing the violin, singing, watching films, walking my daughter's dog.


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    A Step-by-Step course that will guide you from your idea to the finished book.

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    My Books


    My most recent books are boxed series published by Sweet Cherry Publishing.


    Mr Pattacake (10 books)

    The Dinosaur Detectives (6 books)

    Sherlock Holmes for Children (3 ten-book sets)

    The Bronte Books retold for Children. (8 books including biography)



    'The Price of Love'

    An historical love story set in 1918


    'Behind the Mask' a romance set in Venice


    All my books that are still in print are available from Amazon.


    The Sweet Cherry books can be bought, at bargain prices, from www.books2door.com.


    Many titles are available for Amazon Kindle.


  • Here are some story starters for you to use ...

    Feel free to use any of these ideas. Even if a hundred people used them there wouldn't be any the same. Have fun!

    For Children's Books


    1. What if you stripped off your wallpaper and found something underneath? An article from an old newspaper, for example.

    2. What if you were in the middle of a lake and your boat began to leak?

    3. What if your dog ran off and disappeared down a hole in the ground?

    4. Some children find a time capsule in the garden of their new house. It holds some scary information.

    5. An under-sea quake disturbs something which has being lying dormant and now it's on its way to the surface.

    6. Opening the door a crack, she saw ...

    7. I knew I was trapped.

    8. He stared disbelievingly at the words on the screen.

    9. Jack ran fast. His legs pumped and he pushed himself past the point of pain. He had to get away.

    10. The creature had escaped from its cage. Now it travelled under cover of darkness, looking for prey. Human prey ...


    For Adult Books


    1. What if you invited a stranger to come and stay - and they did.

    2. What if you discovered that you were not human?

    3. What if you decided to give up every aspect of your life up to now and start again?

    4. What if you discovered a book that was identical to your own life, and went further?

    5. What if an online dating agency made a mistake?

    6. After two dreams come true, a man dreams is that he is murdered.

    7. A woman discovers some horrifying detail about her prospective brother-in-law's past.

    8. A woman falls in love with a man in a painting - so she tries to track him down.

    9. She realised too late what a stupid thing she'd done.

    10. Meg felt a kind of elation as the plane touched down. She had made it, she had escaped her nightmare. Now she was ready to start her new life.




  • For Writers ...


    For over twenty years I have been a tutor for both Writing Magazine and The Writers Bureau's Writing for Children courses, as well as a proof-reading and copy-editing course. I have run writing workshops and visited many schools to talk to children about my work.


    Writing for children is a very competitive field, but if you hope to be successful in this field I can help to give your book a better chance of publication.

    I run an appraisal service for children's authors.

    For more information, please click the Appraisal Service button on the left.


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